Weekend plans!

I just wanted to tell ya’ll that my parents are gonna be away during the weekend so you can expect a lot of pics, videos and updates in general!

Do you have something special you want me to write about, vlog about or do you have an idea for another video of me eating? Then send me a message or comment and I’ll see what I can do! 🙂



One response to “Weekend plans!

  1. Sweet!

    OK, here’s something I find CAPTIVATING…..!

    I love watching a gorgeous BBW gainer in her panties and bra step on a scale to find out how much she weighs! If she talks about how nervous and excited and hopeful she is before her weigh-in all the better.

    Naturally, if she announces, beforehand, how much she weighed last week, or last month, or however often she checks we all get to see how much she’s GAINED.

    It’s also fun if she has a chalkboard to write down the figures and ‘does the arithmetic’ so everyone can work it out with her.

    Then, of course, she needs to enjoy some sort of yummy high calorie ‘reward’ for her efforts!


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