I’m home!

So, where do I begin… The trip and the festival was great! Me and my friend saw a lot of great bands and had a blast! The only downside was that I screwed up my back due to the fact that I had to sleep in a tent with just a thin groundsheet and a sleeping bag. There was a LOT of big stones in the ground too… -_- Do I have to mention that I didn’t get that much sleep? I also got my bottom lip pierced at last! It’s still sore but it gets better every day so that’s good.

On a fatter note, I have finally left the plateau I was on and have started to gain again! I’m SO happy! I’ll soon post another update on my measurements for you so you can see what’s been happening with my body of late.

Other than that I’m good, hope you guys are too!


2 responses to “I’m home!

  1. Gaining again…

    You lucky girl!

    I love contemporary music and love learning about new bands I haven’t heard. Can you give me any recommendations based on your experience at the festival?

    By the way, isn’t it time for your snack??

    • Thanks ^^

      Well, the festival was all about metal, darkwave and electronic music. Good bands, that I listen to a lot, that played on the festival is for example; Gothminister, ASP, Blutengel and Coppelius.

      It’s ALWAYS time for a snack 😉

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