Root for me!

I’m nervous but thrilled at the same time. This Saturday I weighed 153,1 kg and 153 kg is my first big goal to reach. I’m still over 153 kg but I’m nervous that I’ll start loosing weight again…

Why is 153 kg such an important number for me, you might ask yourself, and I’ll tell you!
One day I decided that “gaining a couple of kg wouldn’t hurt”, I talked with my bf about it and he was thrilled. (I think we had rather hot sex after that conversation) But anyway, I started feeling that I liked being fat more and more and soon after I gained 2-3 kg I decided to gain more and before I knew it I was a gainer.

Now, what has this to do with anything? Well, before I decided to put on 2-3 kg my weight was 143 kg. So therefore the weight of 153 kg marks the point where I have gained 10 kg (approx. 22 lbs. / 1,5 stone). That’s why it’s so big for me.

Also, when I weigh over 156 kg ( approx. 344 lbs- / 24,5 stone) marks the point when I weigh more than I ever have. A couple of years ago I weighed 155,5 kg but then I started to loose weight and I stopped at 140 kg. At that point in my life I hated my body and my self, but that is a different story…

So, anyway guys, plz root for me! Celebrations will include a lot of fattening food and a amateur photo shoot with pictures for the blog! Please comment on what kind of pics YOU would like to see on the blog. Should I wear something special or eat something? Tell me what you’d want to see. But no pornography and let’s keep it classy!



3 responses to “Root for me!

  1. Well, first of all, I am SOOOOO proud of you ! You better believe I’m rooting for you… 🙂

    I’m am so psyched, waiting for you to post pictures of your buffed up body. It seems to me that any girl who’s lucky enough to have a sizzling hot bod ought to get photographed in Daisy Dukes and a halter top (yellow shorts, pink top, red red red nail polish — is that too much to ask???)

    You should also buy something classy, something to wear on the red carpet when you get nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. Plus bling. LOTS of bling.

    Then there’s the ever popular gainer trick of squeezing into an outfit that fit “perfectly” before your gain. Mmmmmm — never yet met a feeder or an encourager whose eyes didn’t light up at that!

    Do you remember the date of that wonderful moment you thrilled your bf with the words, “gaining a couple of kg wouldn’t hurt”. How could a guy NOT want to give hot sex to his gf after she said that????? I’d be curious to know how long it takes you to gain 10kg.

    You’re fatter than you’ve ever been in your life! You must feel like you’re in heaven! I’m sure Markus is in heaven.

    I’d also like you to share your fattening techniques. What do you eat? When? How much? Do you stop when you’re full or do you stuff? How often do you stuff?? Do you always eat when your bf is around to enjoy the show?

    Are you planning on making a video of you enjoying some of your hi calorie faves?

    Enough! I wish I could send you a box of chocolates!! 🙂

    • Thanks, it feels great to hear you say things like that! 🙂
      And thanks for the ideas, I’ll definitely keep them in mind for when it’s time!

      Hmm no I don’t think I remember the date, sorry. But I’ll ask my bf and see if he remembers it!

      Well, not yet, but soon I’ll be! It feels weird to be honest, I haven’t realized it yet I think 🙂

      That’s quite easy actually; I eat what I want but in larger quantities. I eat when I’m hungry which is approx. 3 times a day (breakfast, dinner and something in the evening or lunch depending on when I eat dinner) and in between I eat candy or something else that I like. Sometimes I eat until I’m nauseous but that’s mostly when I’m with my bf. I eat a lot more when I’m with my bf but that’s mainly because its hard to eat a lot when I’m at my parents house.

      Yes I am! What I’ll eat will be a surprise though 😉

      Aww that would be so sweet, I’d love that ^^

  2. “Well, not yet, but soon I’ll be! It feels weird to be honest, I haven’t realized it yet I think ”

    Yeah, I’d be interested to follow your psychological development as it starts to “sink in” how fat you’ve actually become. I’m particularly interested in the way women such as yourself who have ‘negative’ experiences of their fatness for years come around to really enjoying their fat. You’ll start to wonder why you ever disliked being fat. You’ll wonder why ANYONE would be unhappy with her fat. I consider such developments inspirational. Just think of the number of women who suffer terribly negative feelings because of their fatness (some are hardly fat at all!) You could be their teacher or role model.

    All that unnecessary unhappiness! And forty billion dollars down the drain to weight loss schemes — which, of course, don’t work. All these thieving bastards pretending to “care” about your health when all they’re really doing is exploiting your shame for their own profit.

    Imagine a whole world of fat and happy women!! Wouldn’t that be heaven?? The only ‘problem’ with that is that the money grubbers can’t sell their useless stuff to happy people — only people who are ashamed and miserable.

    Ahhhhh, don’t get me started!

    Enjoy your candy, and thank God you’ve figured out how to be happy. You’re so much better off the the women who hate themselves for every calorie they put in their mouths!

    “That’s quite easy actually; I eat what I want but in larger quantities.”

    You’re right, big portions are the key to gaining. What’s really cool is that, as your body gets used to more food, you’ll be able handle bigger and bigger portions. You know you’ve ‘arrived’ as a gainer when your idea of a snack is everyone else’s idea of a feast!!!


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