Ok, so I’ve been on a stand still lately. I’m stuck at 152 kg and I won’t gain anything! I want to make it to 153 and then to 155, that’s my mini-goals that I’ve set up for myself. The big goal is 160 kg. Does anyone have some tips? I hope its just a phase and that I’ll start gaining soon! I just want to be big and beautiful, right now my tummy is too small, my but is too small and my hips are too small… Also it wouldn’t hurt if my thighs got a bit thicker too… *sigh*

On a more fun note, today it’s my Pretty Little Liars day and I’m having a snack made out of canned corn and créme fraiche. After that I’ll have some peanutbutter, yum!



5 responses to “Frustrated!

  1. “Also it wouldn’t hurt if my thighs got a bit thicker too… *sigh*”

    I like the way you think!!

    BTW, your American readers will want to know that you weigh 334 pounds. I want to know what your height is.

    Smiles, 🙂

  2. …. Also, your fans in the UK will want to know you weigh 23 stone, twelve (Man! You must be one hot Mama!!). When you reach your goal of 160 kg (I’m rooting for you, hon. Just remember to take it nice and easy. If you take care of the calories the pounds will take care of themselves!) you’ll be even hotter than you are now.

    In fact, when you get to 159 kg you’ll have reached 25 stone (which is certainly an achievement to be proud of!) I suggest that you get that lucky dog boyfriend to take you out for a delicious, fattening, super high cal dinner to celebrate 25 stone! Then, tell him he’ll have to buy you ANOTHER fattening fancy meal to celebrate 160 kg.

    Any guy who finds a gem like you had better show some appreciation!!! If he balks he’ll have to answer to me!! 😉

    BTW, was I being too nosey when I asked about your height??

    • As that lucky dog boyfriend of this hot mama, I must say that you are absolutely right. Both 25 stones and 160 kg are worth celebrating. And if I ever fail to appreciate my (litterly) huge precious gem, I will most certainly deserve your wrath and punishment.

      And I don’t think she considers questions about her height too nosey (guess she just forgot to answer 😉 ).

      //Lucky dog boyfriend Markus

      • Markus,

        I’m glad to hear from you! I’m also glad to see you appreciate your good fortune. It would be fun to hear from you from time to time….

        Also, I’d like you to check out my blog — which is from the perspective of a male feeder. I’m trying to get as many thoughtful and candid comments as I can.

        Come by when you can:

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