A “short” update

I’m just gonna give you guys a short update because something is really bugging me…

I’m thinking about people that, no matter the aspect, says that it’s “wrong” or “not good” just because they cant think outside the box they were raised in. “Things should be like they always have”, “It’s wrong because, i don’t know it just is” and other similar arguments are often used by these kind of people and it annoys me to death! The worst part is that you can’t even ask them about why they think like they think, they don’t know because they just do. So, you can’t even have a discussion with them about it and if you try to they’ll just frown and/or give you a pat on the head and think that you are 5 years old and have crazy ideas about the world.

Ok, I might be a little bit over dramatic right now but it feels like this from time to time.

Other than that I’m missing my bf like crazy… He’s away on a larp and comes back on Sunday. He left on Sunday so I’m going through a entire week without any contact with him. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good for us, great in fact, but it’s a pain since I’m crazy in love with him and it still feels like the first months together, you know with the butterflies and things like that. On the plus side I’m gonna meet up with my bff tomorrow! He’ll be here the entire weekend and it’s gonna be a blast! We’ll have a horror movie marathon, take a look at a tent (so it’s intact, we’ll use it on a festival in august! Stoked!) and just have fun 🙂

Talking about festivals, are any of you going to any? We’ll be visiting the M’era Luna festival in Hildesheim, Germany on the 10-11 August 🙂 Super stoked! Comment, send a message or what not if you’re going to M’era Luna as well! 🙂

Now my cat, Nanna, wants me to go to bed so i suppose that I have to obey ^^ (She’s the cutest little furrball ever! She follows me around and wants to make sure I get enough sleep, comfort me when I’m sad, worry about me when I’m sick and try to comfort me and yeah, she’s wonderful! I love her so much! ❤



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