I just wanted to give you a tip on a movie i watched recently. It’s not a movie for a person with a weak stomach but it’s interesting to watch whether you’re pro or against fat people since it provides you with a nice insight to both sides and their arguments. It also brings up the interesting question; is the bad guy really bad or is he the good guy?

The movies name is Feed and was released in 2005.

Watch and share your thoughts!



2 responses to “Feed

  1. Just saw the trailer. Oh Oh Oh! That part where she says, “today is a special day, I weigh six hundred and two pounds” was — well lets use the word ‘evocative’. Specially since she started out so slim.

    I’m afraid to watch the whole thing. Not because I have a ‘weak stomach’ but because I’m afraid I’ll get turned on by the parts that are supposed to be repulsive and disturbing….

  2. Well, I don’t think that would matter. It’s like horror movies, some people think that a certain movie is terrifying and some people think it’s not scary at all. I’m sure people find some movies, or at least scenes, arousing that “should” not be arousing. Heck, I know, I’ve gotten turned on by some weird scenes in movies that I’d rather not think about, haha ^^

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