“Make me fat” – good or bad?

I was browsing Google Play for new apps a minute ago and I found a couple of apps that is made to make you look fat. How it works is that you take a picture of your face and then the app changes the picture so you look really fat. The app is just for fun but I still got a bit of a bad feeling about it.

I think it’s ok to make a bit of fun and joke around about stereotypes, as long as it is made with respect, but I get kind of nervous and have a hard time seeing the fun thing in a app where the users tend to leave comments such as “it looks really real, you get kinda scared when you look like a giant meatball”, “it’s fun and you look weird”, “I think it’s good. You look so wimpish”, “Now I don’t feel fat anymore”, “Fun, my cousins mom don’t need this app…” and “Works like a warning example so you don’t eat too much ;)”.

I don’t have a problem with making a bit fun of myself sometimes and I do understand that people have different opinions, which is great btw, but the lack of respect and understanding is what makes me sad.




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