Fat and sex

Yeah, so I thought I’d talk a bit about how I feel about being fat and having sex.

I’ve always loved to have sex. During my later teens I was almost a nymphomaniac, but that is a different story. But yeah, I love sex and think that it’s a healthy part of your everyday life. Being fat and having sex is a bit limiting though, I’ve never been thin so I can’t say that I KNOW the difference, but I’ve seen one or two pornos in my life and a lot of the positions that they do I just can’t do. There is no possible way that I can fold up to almost a ball for example.

The thing I do know is that the partner makes all the difference. Protip #1: Don’t settle for a man that thinks your weight is “ok” or “don’t care”. Fine, it’s better than a man that hates your body and wants you to be thin BUT, a man that loves your curves and gets turned on by knowing your weight is so much better! He will touch you and hold you in a totally different way.

I know, there is so much more that needs to “klick” if you’re looking for a relationship but it’s a good sign to look for i think. And if you just look for someone to have sex with that’s a perfect sign.

Other than what I’ve mentioned the key to a great sexlife is to be comfortable in your body! No matter what shape or size your are/have. If you’re comfortable and confident about yourself you’ll have better sex, I can promise you that! And don’t be afraid to say what you want, when you want it and most importantly; don’t be afraid to say NO!

Love ya’ll!


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