Midsummer and a curious thought

So, todays it’s midsummer here in Sweden and I’m sitting in my apartment alone. Not even my cat wants to keep me company at the moment, that’s just sad. But I love to have a day on my own since I’ve been with firends almost every day the entire week, tomorrow I’m throwing a party and on Sunday my boyfriends comes to visit me for a couple of days. So yeah, it feels good to be alone.

About the thought I had then. I was browsing on Memecenter and saw a gif of a overweight woman where she attempt to sit on a chair but the chair breaks due to her weight. The only thing I could think was “god she is so pretty, I want to look like her”. She had all the, for me, right curves and a really big body and looked drop dead gorgeous! Plus, I actually thought it would be kinda fun to be so heavy that chairs can break like that. It kinda turned me on a little bit to be honest…

Edit: I found the gif! http://www.memecenter.com/fun/1696323/made-in-amp-039-murica

Well, we’ll see how big I get. And about that “seeing” thing, pics are coming up as soon as I get a hold of a good camera. I’ll post much more pics of me and other stuff on the blog then! The first pics should be up sometime during the next weekend! So there’s a treat for you.



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