Feeling good

Oh yes, I’m feeling good and for the first time I love my body! I see beauty in fat people and in myself and I even strive to be a little bit bigger all the time. I don’t know where it will end, if it will, but I’ll keep you posted!

I have some bad news, and i NEVER thought I would say this but, I’ve lost some weight recently. The thing is I’ve been forced to eat a lot less the last week due to a lack of food and money. Two of these days I’ve almost fainted due to hunger and a lack of food. But its better now! Today I’m having pizza with two friends and I’m gonna order the biggest one they have, with extra everything, a extra large soda and I’m gonna eat every piece of it! I’ll not be able to walk because I’m so full but I like it! ^^

Anyway guys, I saw that I got a new follower on the blog and that’s great! Thanks a lot! But please everyone don’t forget my twitter and facebook! I’ll publish more posts a lot more often too, that’s a promise! Don’t miss the next part of my 12 step series, it’s coming up tomorrow!




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