Why this blog?

So I bet a lot of you want to know more about why i started this blog and what the purpose is. I will give you as much information as I can in one or two posts and I want to start with why.

For my entire life I’ve been struggling with my weight and I have always been overweight, even as a little girl. Because of this I have always been teased and bullied, and more often than I want to admit, people have looked at me with disgust in their eyes. People around me have always wanted me to change and I have reached a point in my life where I am sick and tired of it. I am not stupid because I’m fat, I’m not unattractive because I’m fat and most important; I’m not worth less because I’m fat.

As I have mentioned before I have a very special person in my life that I want to give all the credit for this “transformation”; my boyfriend M. He made me see that I’m beautiful, sexy, interesting and worth just as much as the next person. And I want to give this gift to you and in the long run perhaps be a part of a change in how people and society look at fat people.

But there is so much more. I also want to talk about other things like body modification, different ways to express personality, LGBT and different kinds of relationships.

I also want to discuss this with you and I encourage everyone out there, regardless of your opinion on this subject, to leave a comment with your view on this. But please play nice, you can tell me your opinion without personally attacking me I’m sure.


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